Hometown: Military brat so I have no home town I have lived all over the country and even Europe!

I Like To Run: I like to run because it helps me with stress management (I’m a 911 dispatcher) and I love the feeling of accomplishment & the comradery between runners.

Running Accomplishments: I’ve completed 9 marathons currently training for my 10th and took 3rd in women’s for my first ultra a 51k. My favorite accomplishment was jumping off the Disney world monorail then racing it to the next stop and boarding the exact same train car!

My Favorite Run: my favorite race is always the Vegas marathon. I love Las Vegas and the energy & crowd support though the entire race is incredible! I like to say if you love your city, run your city!

When I’m Not Running I Like To: When I’m not running I like to hike. Part of what I like about Vegas is the multitude of different places to hike & different terrains as well as the proximity to some major National Parks.

Favorite Quote: As long as you challenge yourself it was a good run.