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What is motivation?

A quick google search will give you many motivational quotes: 

“Be yourself, everyone else is taken”  “It’s not about failure or success but the courage to continue.”

Motivation is defined by the drive to achieve. Let’s go on a journey. 

You are walking in a damp forest, the tall trees sway and it is almost dusk. Off the trail there is a spot to build a fire. After gathering wood and creating a small fire, you stand back admiring the flames. The warmth from the fire is felt on your face and hands. As the sunsets, the fiery crackling keeps you company. 

Relying on the warmth to arrive without the fire, is like expecting for motivation to arrive without knowing what your reason is.  

How can I get motivated?

  • Know your reason. For example, To be an example for my kids

  • Set small, specific, measurable, realistic, and attainable within a given timeframe, action steps. For example, I will walk for ten minutes, three times a day for three weeks.

  • Tap into your tribe and resources for support.  For example, I will call a friend or family member when I walk or listen to music or go to a group run.

  • Create a personal motto or use a quote to support an “I can” attitude. For example, “I am capable and energized!”

What is your driving force? What excites you? What will be the strategy or reminder to support you when a setback occurs? What is your next adventure? What will you learn? 

One of my go to quotes:

“A rolling stone gathers no moss” P. Syrus Proverb

Small Steps Everyday

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