Heathy Habits Corner


Britney O’Connell

Ahh Rest and Relaxation  

What comes to mind for you when you think of rest and relaxation? Palm trees, smelling the ocean breeze or walking through a dense forest hearing the birds. 
What’s your favorite way to recover from an intense workout? Perhaps Yin yoga or a jetted hot tub.
Resting our bodies, our minds, our emotions with intention brings balance into our lives.
Our actions, thoughts, feelings do not happen in a vacuum. Our systems are integrated and influence our whole being.
Below are a few research based tips: 
The body:  foam rolling or heat and cold therapies, walk, yoga, massage.
The mind:  meditation, music, yoga, journaling, getting out into nature. 
The feelings: Fueling your body with whole foods will support emotional regulation as does talking it out, looking at a picture that brings you joy, laughing. 
Sleep will replenish the entirety of yourself. 
How would a rest and recovery routine impact your life?


Britney O’Connell is a Nationally Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach. For more information about personalized coaching contact Coach Brit at optimizehealthyhabits@gmail.com or follow her on instagram @CoachBrit