Here I go Again


Mark Jimenez

I don’t know where I’m going

But I sure know where I’ve been

Hanging on the promises in songs of yesterday

And I’ve made up my mind

I ain’t wasting no more time

Here I go again, here I go again


It’s safe to say that my opinion of the Boston Marathon has changed a lot in the last year. 2022 was my first Boston Marathon, and while I didn’t have a great day at the race, I didn’t have a horribly bad day either. One thing I didn’t do in 2022, however, was enjoy all the traditions and pageantry that make this event so special.

I promised myself that if I made it back to Boston that I’d make every effort to enjoy this trip. I’m going to soak up the crowd cheering me on! I’m going to enjoy the weather, rain, wind, or shine. I’m going to (gasp) wear my Boston Marathon Finisher’s Jacket! I’m going to smile, and I’m most likely going to cry.

The Boston Marathon is a celebration of all things running. As I write this from Boston, there is a 5k going on right outside my hotel room. I awoke to cheers from the crowd as runners grind out a 5k. Tomorrow is a 1 mile event, and even more special, there will be over 100 Golden Retrievers at the finish line. Why?

If you’ve run Boston you might have seen Spencer and Penny, the Golden Retriever Duo. Spencer holds flags in his mouth as runners go by, and in 2018 he went viral for braving the extreme weather that year. Spencer and Penny died just 8 days apart this year, and in celebration of what those amazing dogs have meant to the runners here there will be more than 100 dogs at the finish line for tomorrow’s 1 mile. 

If I lose KJ, I know where to look for her.

I’m excited to see my friend Kevin from Marathon Sports, a fellow running store located right at the finish line. I see him once a year or so, and it’s great to get a good luck hug before we start.

I’m excited to take the bus ride to the start.

I’m excited to hear the screaming fans.

I’m excited to run this race with my friends Carl, Todd, Michael, Andrew, James, and everybody else who qualified and made the trip.

Shoot, I’m even excited to get up heartbreak hill. 

No matter what happens, or what my pace is, I’m going to enjoy this race.

I would be remiss if I didn’t express how extremely grateful I am for our friends at New Balance. They made me cry in December when they awarded Red Rock Running Company with the first Fearlessy Independent Award. As part of that, they brought the whole Red Rock Running Company leadership team to Boston this weekend to be a part of the amazing traditions of this event. 

New Balance sign at Fenway Park

It’s hard for me to put into words how excited I am to see our store leadership here, celebrating and being a part of the Boston Marathon. A very special thank you to Kevin Adams and Keith Kelly from New Balance. They have been incredible hosts. Kevin took us to Red Sox game last night, where we all got to sing Sweet Caroline with the whole stadium. The Red Sox won as well! Keith took us shopping at the New Balance store where we got to pick out new outfits! On Tuesday, our amazing New Balance rep Jim will be taking us through the New Balance HQ, here in Boston. I can’t wait!

The RRRC Team sporting their NB at breakfast

More shout outs! Thank you to my wife KJ for being an endless supporter of all things me! Thank you to my four daughters for everything you do! Thank you to Michael Higgins for teaching me how amazing the Boston Marathon is. Thank you to Drew for coaching me and listening to me. Thank you to my friends for being there for me. Thank you to my wonderful staff, who I think is the best in the business. And mostly, thank you to all of our loyal customers who make all things Red Rock Running Company possible. My heart is full, and it’s thanks to all of you.

The RRRC Team run at Boston Commons

Like Whitesnake said back in 1982, “Here I Go Again!” But unlike what follows in that song, I am definitely not on my own. 


Every Run is a Good Run

The RRRC Team run at Boston Commons

Mark’s First View of Fenway Park